Time & Day playlist.

Time & Day playlist.

Please reinstate the Time & Day playlist. At least for those that got the beta. Never use any Spotify made playlists but loved that one.

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My friends and I loved this playlist and missed it as soon as it was gone. I hope it will be brought back!

My go to playlist! Spotify bring this back!! I've shared this playlist with so many people and we're all sad to see it removed.

This was the best playlist! How am I supposed to know what emotion I feel? Please reinstate this playlist. 

It took me so long to find a screenshot of this playlist, I had to text all my friends to see if they had one (until I was sent this one) but I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who missed it lol.

Loved this playlist too. Bring it back!

I am livid, I used this playlist religiously through all of 2022, best automatic playlist Spotify made. Everything else is lacking in comparison.

I also had to scour for a screenshot of mine to show a customer service rep just to be told it was a beta test and was removed. I wish there was a way to bring it back it was honestly the best playlist based on algorithms that spotify has come out with. WE NEED THIS BACK!!!!

Was my most listened to playlist - please bring it back!

I've been barely using Spotify since this playlist was removed...c'mon bring it back! 

Spotify you struck gold with this playlist I miss it everyday 


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