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Disclose Algotorial Playlists - Personalized vs Editorial


Disclose Algotorial Playlists - Personalized vs Editorial

I've been having an issue where my exploration seems a bit limited to artists I've already heard, all my recommended suggestions are artists and songs I'm familiar with, or the same songs keep appearing on so many playlists, even ones I thought were editorial and not personalized. I hadn't realized that playlists like "Free Refills" by Spotify were a combination of both, what Spotify has called Algotorial:

Am I just way behind the curve? Would anyone else find it helpful that these types of playlists were labeled as personalized, like Discover Weekly is? Or even to turn off personalization sometimes? Personally there are times that I like to listen to strictly editorial playlists when I'm exploring and am so tired of being recommended the same artists all the time. The algorithm is getting constrictive. 

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Thank you! I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. I’d love to have the option to turn off the algotorial feature in editorial playlists. It would be nice to be able to see which playlists are editorial, algorithmic, and algotorial too. Hopefully this gets more votes and our friends at Spotify implement these features!

To be completely honest with you Spotify algorithm is actually not very good. Or at least not in it's current state it's clearly made to position "certain" artists and music more frequently aside from the personalized aspects (that barely function if at all). If your tastes are not all top 500 billboard artists you should just avoid anything suggested or made by Spotify (from my experience). The best way to find new music on Spotify is to get off Spotify!

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