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Explicit content icon is not infallible


Explicit content icon is not infallible



I just wanted to check if anybody had encountered a similar problem to this.


I am building a playlist for my 2 year old based on songs she enjoys on the radio or out and about, anything that she responds to really. One of her favourites is 2 Be Loved by Lizzo and I have added it because it doesn't have an E icon for explicit content.


On playing I discover a swear word in the first verse. Not a terrible one but certainly one I'd rather keep out of the ears of my child for as long as possible.


I have searched for a clean version but nothing comes up. The song, swearword included, is even in a "clean" Lizzo playlist created by another user.


I'd like to keep the song in my playlist if possible but as it stands I have to remove it. Are there any 100% swear free versions on Spotify? Can one be added?


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