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Half of Local Files Greyed Out, not playing on Mobile


Half of Local Files Greyed Out, not playing on Mobile

I am trying to get 3 of my cd's onto my iPhone 11 and iPad Pro, via Spotify.  These cd's have songs that are not on Spotify, as one is over 20 years old, and the other two are foreign movie soundtracks.


On my computer, every song, from all 3 cd's, are available to play through Spotify on my computer.

On mobile, it becomes complicated.

My phone will only play one cd, the other two greyed out;  My iPad will only play half of any of the songs, the other ones greyed out, and leading me to the "Sync songs on this iPhone" prompt, which I have followed many times.


I have unchecked the local files from my Spotify Settings, restarted the app, reinstalled the app, restarted my router, deleted and remade the playlists, to no avail.


In fact, my finagling has made even more songs inaccessible...

A cd that previously been half-way listenable is now completely unavailable.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I wish it wasn't this hard to get Spotify to work.

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most peculiar update... I have discovered that the same songs available are the ones in my itunes library!!!  The ones not working are the songs not already in my itunes... 

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