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History/Recently Played on Mobile Device


History/Recently Played on Mobile Device

 I heard a song that I really liked on my last week's discover playlist and thought I saved it. When I woke up Monday morning it wasn't there. Bummer. A new discover weekly playlist had already loaded and I couldn't retrieve the song. Spotify support couldn't help so I searched all day to find a way to find my recently played songs. I eventually found a solution tonight! If you click into any of your created playlist to view all of your playlist songs, there is an icon for "add songs" on the top of your playlist. When you click on the "add songs" icon it will open to a "suggested" playlist. Scroll left to switch to "recently played." Scroll down to find the song you are looking for!! Not sure how far the list will go back, but I listened to Spotify all day and was able to find the song I was looking for that played last night! Hope this helps!! 

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Why this is not a standard feature like viewing your next up queue is beyond me...


Thanks for the tip!! This is a life-saver since mobile history does not sync to desktop.

Wow this is freaking useful knowledge thank you! So many times I've lost songs from Discover weekly because I forget to save them. Cannot believe they don't just have "recently played" as a default feature on mobile.

Was the "add songs" feature removed in an update? Or was it never present on iOS? Because I'm looking for it on my iphone and it just...isn't there at all. 😞

I still see it, it just is only on playlists that you made, just under the title and "shuffle play" once you click into the playlist 

This is so far one of the best discoveries in Spotify since I started to use this. I hate this support comes from the comunity instead from the Support Team. This should be an standard feature within the app... is not that difficult!! Thanks mate, awesome support.

Thank you SO much for this useful tip!! 


Hey no problem!! 


Haha I know right? I downloaded an app called "" for back up. It keeps track of your listening history in your phone as well! 

This litearlly saved me, you are an angel.

Bless you and your amazing discovery!


I listened to Spotify Radio on my phone for a couple of hours with a dozen artists I wanted to save. Knowing there's a history feature I didn't save them manually. To my horror, going on the desktop app only has history for the desktop player, not my Spotify account.

Hi you all also as you can use this one from Spotify Now Playing On Spotify


It’s the same thing.





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Haha no problem! Glad I could help! 

There is no such feature. That's only in that the playlists the we create, not the one's that Spotify creates. I even just tried it. I don't think that it's a history that you saw, either. I looked at songs that showed up, when I went to it, and it showed songs that I wouldn't have listened to. It's just suggestions of songs to add.

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I just tried it recently and it's still available for you to see your play history through spotify. You have to start the process through a playlist that you yourself have created. At this time you cannot access your history through a playlist spotify creates. Many have consigned that they have been able to see thier history through the method I posted.

Also make sure you swipe left to get to the screen that shows your played history. 

Okay. I forgot about that, but it's still not a history for that particular playlist, and it's not on playlists that Spotify makes for us. That would be better, so we don't have to sort and go back through all the history of everything that we played, as far as it goes. If it did that, and it still went back as far as it goes, now, that would be much better. I was able to go back and see some songs that might be the ones that I missed saving, from a few weeks ago, but I'm not sure if they're the songs.

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Haha no problem! 

God, spotify developers are the worst.

Thank you so much!! Life saver was on shuffle on way to work and have had this song stuck in my head since but couldnt remeber what it was called. Spotify is going down hill they seem to be removing so many good features, especially from the mobile app. Like being able to scroll to the top of a playlist and there used to be a search bar to search for song. Now you have to go through menu options and it is so much longer. And useful features like this just arent obvious.

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