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How to Migrate from Apple Music to Spotify?


How to Migrate from Apple Music to Spotify?

Hello, I feel a bit dull, as it should be a very popular topic by default but I couldn't find in the official help and/or landing page as I assume it should be quite a straightforward topic, like iPhone-Android kinda transition. 

So I'm an old tme user of Apple music ecosystem. I have a big library on Apple Music/Cloud Match/iTunes Cloud back from iPod and iTunes library, about 600gb and a few dozens of playlists/smart-playlists with subfolder structure. 

How do I make a transition to Spotify correctly?  File types don't matter, but I would like to retain my artists, albums and playlist structure. What about bootlegs and other unique files?  

Looking forward to community nubie help!


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The Spotify desktop app can manage local audio files, but not very comfortably, so you might be missing iTunes and/or Apple Music sooner or later. Same goes for the mobile apps, as far as I know. And you cannot upload files to a cloud based server space either.

There are tools to convert your playlists, either online or as a desktop app, some free, some with a subscription or one-time payment.

Hi All, 

This issue is related to "IOS"

We have a developing an application which has music embedded.

Whenever we choose default music player to Spotify in the App,

The option is shifting from Spotify to Apple music, after few mins or when the app is re loaded.


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