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Issues with pitching in Spotify For Artists


Issues with pitching in Spotify For Artists

Anyone else experiencing issues with the pitching in Spotify For Artists? I can't scroll down to access the parts where I add more information about the song, and so I can't proceed. The same on both desktop (Chrome/Safari on Mac OS) and mobile (IOS). 


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I am having this exact same issue. I’ve had this issue since yesterday.

yup me too, currently cant scroll unless i make the minimalise the screen size, but still get stuck on language of track and therefore cant proceed.... @spotify help!!

Oh God me too! I cannot pitch, tried using my laptop, didn't work, PC, nope, iPhone, nada. The only reason why I care about pitching is the fact that I want to make sure my listeners will get my new singles/releases to their Release Radar, never got added to any curated lists by Spotify, they seem to hate my extravagant electronic dancey music hahaha

Same here!!

Can someone forward this issue to the technical department?

its working for me now


Yes, exact same issue in safari and Firefox. Can’t believe such a big feature is broken seeing as they say they have 60000 new tracks every day there must be thousands of people with this issue. 

Anyone know how to fix this it’s happening to me 

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