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Library Organization

Hi  -
Better Organization in your library, example .. Example, for every Artist you have in your library, if you have more then one album by the artist you there should be photos of them (without having to follow them) in your library.  Let’s say, you have 5 albums of Chicago in your library, their profile photo should be in your library and when you click on it, all the albums you’ve added by them, would show up.  That would be great,  don’t you think.. It can be done easily, Without a hassle, as it stands now, when you click on their picture, unless you are following them ..  Even then, it does not list what you added by them.  Oh!  And when you go under Albums, that is a not organized at all!  That’s mess….  So, being as I’m very organized, this makes little sense….  You know, I belong to the following, Napster/Rhapsody,  say over  20 years,  Amazon Music, Apple Music and now you at Spotify!  Now, I bet you're asking why so many, the answer is, Simple…. I have always had Rhapsody, but then Napster merged or bought Rhapsody which upset me because Rhapsody was great but I dealt as I had 1000s of artists in my library.. Well, about 2 years ago I got into (Shahrukh Kahn) and I’ve seen and I have all I can get my hands on, from his movies, soundtracks, his albums, podcasts, speeches..  Napster, had them but now, they don’t play, and  Amazon Music, same thing his don’t play.  Apple Music, his music, videos still play but I like having more then one source so l remembered Spotify and decided to check, what you had for him!   I’m impressed you have nearly everything I want of his but you are missing 2 albums of his..   I just want my favorite back, if you guys try and get it, it would be nice..  The  Album is, Shahrukh Kahn, Love Songs.. The Cover has him looking down, at someone, he has a beard, and it’s done in blue and white!  I do have a photo but  it’s not fitting , here..  
Shahrukh Kahn, is why I joined Spotify !   Oh, I’m canceling my AM Account, No! Shahrukh Kahn, anymore!


Countess, Mitsy  


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