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Local Files not Syncing to iPhone


Local Files not Syncing to iPhone

Hey Everyone,


I've been having trouble recently with playing local files on my iPhone. I added the file to a playlist by itself, connected to the same internet, verified my router supports the Bonjour protocol, enabled local file sync on both devices, and downloaded the playlist containing the song on my iPhone but the song is still greyed out. When I hit shuffle play to force Spotify to try and play the song it gives me a message saying "Song Not Downloaded" and "If you own the song, you can sync it from your computer".  I've reinstalled Spotify on both my computer and iPhone, I've made sure both have the latest iOS/MacOS versions installed, and I've followed every step in this other support post ( where someone had the same issue, but I still can't get it to work. Does anybody know a possible solution to this issue?

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Dear god there are no replies to this one too... I've been having the same issue for about a week now, and keep going back to these forums, because there is no damn customer support.  No replies on any of my posts, no relevant replies on anyone else's posts about this.


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