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Maybe don't make daily mixes swap places at random every few hours?


Maybe don't make daily mixes swap places at random every few hours?

It's making me livid. I have 6 daily mixes. I'm feeling like listening to some industrial, so let's pick Daily Mix 1 since that's where it went today. Three songs in suddenly it's ambient that's playing, not industrial. I check the app and it seemingly decided ambient was going to be #1 now and made industrial #4. This happens every **bleep** morning. I'm wondering how many car crashes this has caused, from drivers fighting with the app to get what they want playing instead of paying attention to the road.


Also, can daily mixes not just vanish sometimes? On one day I get a really great hip-hop mix, but a few songs in it turns into industrial. I check the app to switch to wherever the hip-hop mix went, and it's gone. I was given two industrial mixes today instead. It's like the algorithm is specifically trying to make my day worse and hides what I want to listen to from me. Just lower the temperature on it, make it slightly nudge things every day, not move playlists around at random. Thanks.

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I was about to complain about the same thing. If the user is listening to a daily mix don't change the contents of that list before the user changes somewhere else.

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