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New desktop UI is unnecessary and difficult to navigate


New desktop UI is unnecessary and difficult to navigate

Spoitfy seems to have an addiction to forcing users to experience treble UI updates that serve to ruined a perfectly good system that does it's job well.


the new desktop update is the newest example. If feels way to claustrophobic and needlessly put information that people want to access regularly in small side bars that are difficult to navigate. Why is My Library pushed into a side bar where i can get only a small amount of information . and if i expand it then it just pushes everything else to the side. i then click on something in my library that i want to view and rather than opening on a full page it instead opens next to it and i have to manually collapse the side bar before viewing.


Seriously, does Spotify actually do any consumer testing or do that just forced people to experience that horrible ideas without giving them the choice to change back to the original or even ask them if they would like to experience the new update.


I pay to assess this software. give me control over how i use it.

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