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Plus Button and User Experience


Plus Button and User Experience

I’ve been using spotify for years and I make a new playlist every month. I finally got the update that replaces the heart button with “+”. It is extremely inconvenient. I understand wanting to implement something that makes it easier to add songs to playlists, but now there is no easy way just to like a song. The plus button has lowered the quality of user experience. Using the app to find and like new songs is genuinely becoming frustrating, and that’s my primary use for the platform. Using a music app that I’ve used for years should not be this bothersome. Please either change it back, or reimplement a like button beside the new plus feature.

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Most likely they aren't going to do anything to fix the issues they keep creating until they take a huge dent in revenue or users from it! So if you don't like the change the only thing you can do is run and hope that if enough people run they fix it! Spotify has made it pretty apparent from all the vague responses that they or anyone affiliated with them constantly spew out that the user experience is second to whatever god awful plan they have for the platform is.

Related with this thread, for certain playlists like the "Discovery Weekly", there's a new  (+) and a (-) buttons to indicate whether you liked the recommendation or not... I find myself most of the time clicking the (-) button when I want to like the song since it's placed on the right side of the screen, as the Like / Add to Playlist button is in other playlists... 
See screenshots...

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-20 at 11.00.58.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2023-07-20 at 11.01.46.jpg

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