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Problem with making playlists Offical/Public


Problem with making playlists Offical/Public

Spotify them self dont have an option for contact them regarding problems with their app. Hehe thats not very smart. But anyway. Even though I have maked alot of playlists Offical - they dont get Offical. Could the customers of this application use our time on figure out this issue/bug? Or should the makers of spotify answer this....?

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Hi @Slaekke


You can contact Spotify through 'Spotify Customer Support.' However they are not available by phone. You can also tweet @SpotifyCares and they will try to help as soon as possible. When you make playlists and make them public, they are made public, however, they won't be listed as the first option when searching your Spotify playlist name, due to other playlists haveing more followers, listeners, etc. You can improve your playlist ranking by sharing it with family, friends and on social media.


Please note: Most users on this site are just friendly experts (not Spotify employees) who are willing to help. To send feedback or get help from Spotify you can contact them here.


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