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Rejoice! My TikTok UI reverted back to the OG.


Rejoice! My TikTok UI reverted back to the OG.

Had the new terrible UI for about a month, almost completely stopped using Spotify, but as of tonight the original very good UI is back. 

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Yes! I’m so glad they listened to our comments and changed it back. While i don’t mind them experimenting with new features like this, what bothered me is how they straight up removed the old home page only to replace it with their experiment. If you do wish to experiment, DONT REMOVE WHAT WE ALREADY LOVE AND USE. I hope something like this won’t happen again.

Yes! Me, too.  Just got the old interface back last night.  I wonder if Spotify has restored for everyone, just the one's who complain?, regionally?, nationally?

Just SOOOO glad Spotify is usable again.  Thanks to EVERYONE who complained to spotify and on chat sites.  "The Customer is Always Right" still works in the world.  Take note, Spotty.

Have all users been reverted? I still have new new useless interface and there is not a new version available.


Same here, and I've turned off auto update for Spotify so that they don't **bleep** it up again with any other half-brained ideas. Who in their right mind thought a music app should be turned into tiktok?!

I re-installed Spotify on my PC, which seemed to fix my iPhone account. Not sure if that’s the reason the phone reverted, but you could give it a try.

Good luck.

Mine reverted back yesterday, too! Yay!


Apparently, it reverted back to before even some of the other, non-Instagram/Tik Tok-style features that I did like were implemented (such as being able to specify which playlists would automatically shuffle play, or the menu for adding songs to a playlist utilizing checklist style multi-adding), but I'm still happy to have the old home screen back, all the same.


Thanks for making things right, Spotify.


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