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Samsung TV / Spotify Conflicts


Samsung TV / Spotify Conflicts

There seems to be some significant issues with Spotify app on Samsung TVs (Tizen OS) with no indication from either as to what's being done, if anything, to resolve them. I came here months ago because songs on Spotify started frequently pausing when played on the TV. There are multiple complaints regarding this and I noticed members indicating the TVs it was happening on were all Samsung's. I didn't see any fix for this so I tried it on my own. I deleted cache, deleted data, uninstalled and reinstalled, reset Smart Hub, restarted TV after unplugging for at least 30 seconds and the issue continued. My TV network connection speed tested close to 100 Mbps so that wasn't a cause. I just couldn't stand listening to Spotify anymore with the constant choppiness. So I opted to delete the Spotify app from my TV and install another music app. But now I have another issue for which I can find no fix. The Spotify app keeps reinstalling on the TV. No matter how many times I have deleted it within a short time it is back. So again I tried reseting Smart Hub and the TV to no avail. The f*cking app will not stay gone. This is ridiculous. It's bad enough Samsung has bullcrap preinstalled apps that, if unwanted, cannot be removed, but now I have a Spotify app that seems to have deemed itself worthy enough to hijack my TV. Maybe someone knows an electronics exorcist who can permanently banish this evil app. 

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