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Spotify Connect from multiple devices


Spotify Connect from multiple devices

My husband uses Spotify connect and is able to play music on our Alexa speakers from Spotify while listening to another video from his phone. I tried to use connect from my iPhone XR last night by going through the steps online. “Select a song, press play, click the TV/iPod icon at the bottom of the screen and select a device to play it from and wa-la!” Only my TV comes up as an option (with 4 Alexa devices in pairing mode around my house). And even when it is connected to a device, it’s through Bluetooth and not WiFi, like connect, and I still can only play all audio through Bluetooth… meaning if I want to play music on my phone and listen to my baby monitor through my phone, all the sound goes to the speaker and I have music mixed with baby noises playing loudly through the house. My husband, his brother and I share a Spotify premium family plan, is only one device able to use Spotify connect? Thank you for help on this very irritating issue! 

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