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Something went wrong in offline mode 🥴


Something went wrong in offline mode 🥴

Hi there!

Normally I listen my music in home and I don't have any problem with the app because I'm always online. But sometimes I must go to the office and there, the network is restricted.

But sometimes I must go to the office and there, the network is restricted (No access to spotify, youtube, netflix). Before go, I switch to "offline mode" but when I start Spotify in the office I get "Something went wrong" and I can't play my downloaded music.

It is frustrating because I take the time to download my playlists and spotify is like "no way" 😔

Does somebody know why this happend?

I'm running Spotify on Windows 11 and I downloaded it from Microsoft Store.

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This has been going on since Sep 2021 and they still haven't solved the issue. There are a lot of us on premium accounts that no longer have access to download music when offline. 

I was recently on a long flight and the screaming kids as entertainment instead of my music 😕

Holy geeze, downloaded music doesn't actually work offline, that's useless. Don't crowd my phone with stuff that doesn't work. But I'm sure they worked it in to your payment. So your now paying for something that doesn't actually do anything. So nice of them. 

I've rarely been offline on the PC so far... the first time I thought there was an update in between, today it happened to me again... no update available, checked the community & apparently the problem has been known for a long time.

I also downloaded the App from the Microsoft Store, but Windows 10.


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