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Spotify HiFi in Pakistan


Spotify HiFi in Pakistan

Hi, so recently as most of you would know, Spotify HiFi was announced. I'm starting this topic with regards to the release of the service globally as well as in Pakistan in particular. Does anyone have any idea?


Plus it would help if the pricing was also provided. Currently, Spotify premium in Pakistan costs 300 pakistani rupees (Around a dollar) relative to the 10 USD cost in the Americas. 



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Maybe you have mixed up something due to the recent Spotify Stream On 2023 live event where the introduction of HiFi streaming was not confirmed, but it was announced two years earlier at the Stream On 2021 event. See also the related idea  from 2014 with the most votes on this community:

[All Platforms][Music] HiFi Quality - Lossless Str... - The Spotify Community

There are no recent official confirmations or announcements, only rumours due to surveys or screenshots floating around the internet. For example it's possible that Spotify releases HiFi streaming as a new Platinum tier for a doubled price and bundled with other new features, but nobody knows if or when that might happen.

useless launch with Billie Eilish, she talks about music quality and we hear nothing. im now on Tidal and have Spotify for family.  Main reason is the interface works for the kids. if Hifi comes ill stop using tidal or if tidal gets a better interface ill swap the family over.


Come on Spotify pull your finger out.

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