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Timer feature has disappeared


Timer feature has disappeared

Using Android version for my phone and sine about a week or so the timer feature has dissappear from the now playing 3 dot option in the top right. I've logged out and in and cleared my cache and the feature has gone. Has it been removed?



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The timer feature in the Spotify app on Android allows you to set a timer for the music to stop playing after a certain amount of time. It sounds like you are no longer able to find this feature in the app.

It's possible that the feature has been removed or changed in a recent update of the Spotify app. Spotify updates their app frequently to improve user experience and add new features. It's also possible that the feature has been moved to a different location within the app.

You can check the Spotify's release notes or community forum to see if there is any information about the change or removal of the timer feature.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to Spotify support for more information, they will be able to confirm if the feature has been removed or if it's just a bug in the app. They may also be able to provide a solution or a workaround for you.

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