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URGENT- HIDE A SONG - Why did you remove it Spotify?!


URGENT- HIDE A SONG - Why did you remove it Spotify?!

 Spotify developers,


Add back our "Hide a Song/Artist" (previously "dislike") button to the Desktop/Mobile apps! Been a power user of this service for over 10 years now and you continue to keep trying to re-imagine how to F with our ability to remove songs we do not want in our Discover Weekly & Release Radar playlists.

As of your most recent update I have no ability in the desktop app; on the mobile version i have to click on the 3 dots to bring up the menu - too many step. It needs to be easily accessible on the main screen - somewhere next to the heart - seems like the proper place in the interface right? wth's the logic behind this unless its purely psychological disruption. Bring it back.


Give the people the functions we need. Thx



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Hi! I've also realised "Hide" option is disappeared. It's very confusing to listen unlike songs and not be able to hide it... I can't using this service (Release Radar at least) with this way... Please, bring it back!!

Please, I've been in a recommendation slump for ages now and the only way to influence the algorithm is through these dislikes. Can you bring them back or some other way to remove the songs I dislike!!?


The decision to remove the dislike button is honestly baffling. I can't see a single good reason why this would be a good idea. This button used to be our one and only tool to filter out the garbage that keeps popping up in these two weekly playlists. Now what? Just be content with half of your Release Radar and Discover Weekly being stuff you don't even listen to?


Absolutely gobsmacked.

another push to bring the button back. It would at least skip and hide something I thought was garbage and I could check out the rest of the list.

I thought I was the only one having this issue. It turnes out it wasn't just on web player, but also on desktop app. For now the only option is to contact those developers behind this. As for me, this option was available just a few days or at least up to a week ago. Even in public playlist, everyone has a taste of their own. Not being able to hide a song on my or each of our own playlist is one thing, but removing "Hide a Song/Artist" (or "dislike") is completely a different subjest. Also, Discover Weekly & Release Radar playlists is a different situation. As everyone knows and even developers should know that the following playlist(s) changes weekly. And it can contain songs that we each don't like. Having "Hide a Song/Artist" (or "dislike") is a must feature from playlists like Discover Weekly & Release Radar playlists

I use to have songs blocked because they triggered unwanted memories, but in their rash of bone headed decisions that Spotify has been making lately has been making me think that yall really don't want retain customer loyalty. Even for those who play for 6 accounts over 10 years. 

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