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[Web Player][Your Library] I found a way to Customize your Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening feed.


[Web Player][Your Library] I found a way to Customize your Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening feed.

My recommendations weren't ever changing, no matter what I listened to or for how long/frequently. I just had a handful of random albums, playlists, and podcasts I've only played once or twice stuck on the Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening Home page. After looking literally everywhere, I couldn’t find anything to fix this. I could only find people saying that listening to playlists or albums for a long time eventually fixes it, but it doesn't for me. I'm here to share my findings for an actual solution using the Web Player. It's a little clunky, but it does work:


  • Open the Web Player, go to the playlist/album you want to appear in the GM/GE recs, play at least 4 songs from said playlists/albums, click Home, then refresh the page 1 or 2 times. And voila! You should now have the playlists you actually want and listen to there!

  • For Podcasts; add the one(s) stuck to the GM/GE recs to your library, play it and go to the halfway point, mark it as "Played," remove it from your library, Home, Refresh, and that should do it!

Side Note: I have found that after doing a few refreshes in a row, it may seem like it stops working. In this case, it could just need a bit of time to catch up. Not sure how much exactly but they should change. Haven't tested it, but maybe clearing your browser cache and cookies might help make it work again too. Also, I'm not sure if it affects it, but you may wanna try to have all other instances of Spotify closed. Or maybe even have one open. I'm not sure tbh, it's all kinda just trial and error.


I HATE that Spotify doesn't give us the option to customize our home page. Even just simply being able to dismiss specific recommendations would be such a huge quality of life feature. PLEASE Spotify, just listen to your consumers!

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