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What happened to Group Session?


What happened to Group Session?


Group sessions as shown above have been replaced by remote listening groups. This is a shame as it removed two of the best features when listening together with friends in the same location.

1. The ability to scan a code to join a session, not requiring users to send a special link to others via messaging apps (especially for times when it might be a new acquaintance where you do not have their contact info).
2. Decide that playback should only happen on a single device instead of on all user devices. Great for when you are in the same room but one person is connected to a speaker.


Is this change permanent?
Are there any plans to bring back these two features? If not they will be missed greatly.

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Seconded! it was such a great addition to Spotify that was too short-lived. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

to number 2. -> i guess they want you to use modern speaker that have the spotify api build in, because on my sonos speaker, it acts like a group-session (because of that , i guess its for now permanent). Account No. 1 starts the sesssion and everyone else can join. But i see a bigger problem here in older cars, that just have bluetooth or aux-input. 

but no. 1 was so cool, sadly spotify removed it. :,( 

I'm so bummed to learn they removed this feature. Group sessions was a great feature, perhaps the most dynamic way to explore music with friends. I used to go on road trips with friends and be able to have everyone djing. 

Bumping this because this feature was so awesome. THOUGH really I'm hoping they are working on a new version that has more android support 😛 PLEASE 

wth Spotify, removing features is how you lose customers.

Hello everyone,

I have read the recent article on the Spotify community forum regarding the replacement of group sessions with remote listening groups. As someone who has been a regular user of group sessions, I share the disappointment of many users over the removal of two important features: the ability to join a session by scanning a code and the ability to limit playback to a single device.

I would like to know if this change is permanent, and if there are any plans to bring back these features. In my opinion, these were two of the best features when listening together with friends in the same location, and their removal has certainly impacted my user experience.

I believe it would be helpful for Spotify to address these concerns and provide some clarity on whether or not these features will return. In the meantime, I would like to hear from other users who have also been impacted by these changes. Have you found any workarounds or alternative methods for enjoying group listening with friends?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Best regards,
[Your username]

The recent replacement of Spotify group sessions with remote listening groups has removed two important features that allowed users to easily join a session and limit playback to a single device. The user is asking whether this change is permanent and if there are plans to bring back these features, as many users are disappointed with the removal. They also ask for input from other users on any alternative methods or workarounds for enjoying group listening with friends.

Hi there folks,


We wanted to inform you that the functionality of the Group Session has been superseded by the newest feature called Jam, adding a new and intuitive way to enjoy music together. Check out our announcement here and the thread regarding this feature here. You can comment any feedback you may have on the matter in the aforementioned thread.



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