What happened to Group Session?

What happened to Group Session?


Group sessions as shown above have been replaced by remote listening groups. This is a shame as it removed two of the best features when listening together with friends in the same location.

1. The ability to scan a code to join a session, not requiring users to send a special link to others via messaging apps (especially for times when it might be a new acquaintance where you do not have their contact info).
2. Decide that playback should only happen on a single device instead of on all user devices. Great for when you are in the same room but one person is connected to a speaker.


Is this change permanent?
Are there any plans to bring back these two features? If not they will be missed greatly.

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Seconded! it was such a great addition to Spotify that was too short-lived. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!

to number 2. -> i guess they want you to use modern speaker that have the spotify api build in, because on my sonos speaker, it acts like a group-session (because of that , i guess its for now permanent). Account No. 1 starts the sesssion and everyone else can join. But i see a bigger problem here in older cars, that just have bluetooth or aux-input. 

but no. 1 was so cool, sadly spotify removed it. :,( 

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