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what is spotify thinking?


what is spotify thinking?


this article i just read about privacy issues. this, i hope applies to only the phone option as i have your app on pc. i still love spotify. listen to playlists everyday.

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FWIW. i will continue with spotify. ive put a lot of effort in creating my playlists. the tables would be turned dramatically if this was a pc problem. glad its not. i love listening to my tunes while online..relaxes me alot

Even if this was to migrate to the desktop apps, the new features being spoke about, one would be able to set options in settings/preferences just like with connecting facebook, tumblr, and even a profile to your Spotify service account. New features, new ToS. All social media has to do this by law, the reason of the legal speak in the new ToS, and the over reactions to it. Users will be able to opt out if they wish, I can disconnect all social connections to my service account if I wish to do so. My facebook account only exists for Spotfy anyway, as it was needed when first setting up an account. People are just spooked because of other data leaks, and rightfully so, but it is over reactions though none the less, the information is deidentified anyway.

yeah if I can't find a workaround for this it's going to be a deal breaker. 


i don't want any of these features and I definitely don't want to to give so many permissions. Atleast wait with this until the new Android update that allows the users to select which permissions to grant

Speaking on android device app permissions. After this all came out about the ToS and reading a reddit thread on the same thing, I went digging around in my android device. Most users are probable not aware of since Kitkit 4.4 and up, there are app permissions settings now that android users can revist at any time, and change those app permissions whenever it strikes their fancy, and you do not need to be rooted either to do this.


Depending on your device, I went into Settings of the phone itself by hitting the three bars at the bottom of the device that is just right of the home button on the phone, tap on Settings here, I had to scroll down to Security and tap on that, then scroll down to DEVICE ADMINISTRATION and tap on App options, you should now have several tabs to swipe to the left from with your apps and other phone features necessary for the phone to operate shown here, tap on these apps and there should be permissions that can be toggled off or on here for each app. I took a peak at the newest Spotify andoid app here under the MEDIA tab, none of these new features have showed up yet, and there is no permissions asking to access contacts and/or picture folders either with the current app version of So chill everyone, relaxe, Brave New World is not here yet.


And iOS has similar settings of apps as well, so if those new features should pop up, just turn the permissions off on those features of the app if you so desire.

from now on, i would need reassurance whenever i get new version for pc. privacy and security/peace of mind is always an issue . my ID was compromised after an incident in is only befitting that id be suspicious and cautious

"since Kitkit 4.4 and up, there are app permissions settings now that android users can revist at any time"

Except that so many people are still STUCK on previous versions of Android (thanks a lot *phone company of choice here*! NOT!) that we really wouldn't have any choice.

Either we accept this invasion of privacy, stop using the app, or shell out a load of dosh on a new phone.
And don't start with me about Cyanogen : it's mostly supported on flagship models and F'all else, neither of my cellphones is supported.
THAT is why a lot of the tech savvy crowd is up in arms, something you really ought to understand before telling everyone that they're over-reacting.

I use stock Lollipop 5.1 (stock Motorola) on a Moto G, and it doesn't have this ability to block individual permissions per app. Cyanogenmod Lollipop, which I have on a Nexus 7, does have it. Google Play Edition on Moto G might have it, but it lacks other features on Moto G. My point being that this feature may not be universally available, and when used it may stop a program from working properly anyway. Besides, users shouldn't have to fight their apps for them to be acceptable. The app developer should see to that.

Stock Android released the feature to block individual permissions (it was called "app ops") in Android version 4.3 and then removed it in Android 4.4.2.  If you run a release between these versions then you likely have it, of course that is depending on your phone manufacturer.  Android M will be bringing this feature back permanently when it is released this fall.  But unless you run a Nexus device (I do) you will likely not see this feature for quite some time.  I just canceled my subscription due to this policy change and the lack of chromecast.  I think it's time we make an example of someone for privacy invasion!

That is what I am running currently the 4.4.2 and have these current settings active.That is why I posted 4.4 and above about the setting, and also depending on phone which I guess I should have covered which phone company the phone is through do to locked devices. Which I have gone the prepaid route for phone purchases to get away from the lock phone game companies play.

@patrikf : You hit the proverbial nail on the head there.


@JayLB : Who's talking about locked phones ?
Neither of my Samsung phones have had any upgrades from Samsung, and i paid full price for them.

Stuck on jellybean until either the cyanogen folks deem my particular cellphones worthy of a custom ROM ('not bloody likely' was the answer i got), i take the time and effort to learn how to build a custom ROM myself, and then troubleshoot it all by hand..

Or if Samsung decides not to take a massive *BEEP* on all the customers who can't afford a €500 smartphone...

Except they already did and a lot of Samsung users will never see any upgrades.


So, with nowhere left to turn but Spotify, i make note that if this is implemented, i will uninstall the Spotify app, and with the exception of the 'free' subscription i get from my ISP, which i use on my desktop and my Raspberry Pi, i will cancel my other subscriptions.

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