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Request: Option to disable automatic app switching

Request: Option to disable automatic app switching






iPhone 12

Operating System

iOS 15


My Question or Issue

I am a delivery driver, so i tend to jump in and out of my car several times a day. I listen to music via an AUX input, but not always through spotify. sometimes i listen to lectures on youtube. i like that media control options have been added to support other apps, HOWEVER whichever app i am using, Car Thing always switches back to the spotify app upon startup/aux plug-in/coming within bluetooth range of the device. Can i turn this automatic app switcher off, so that i can continue to use whichever media app uninterrupted? and if not, can a toggle be added to settings to disable this feature? It would really improve my user experience.

4 Replies

Hey @Sam_serif,


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community!


This autoconnection is something that currently can't be turned off, because the primary function of Car Thing is to play Spotify.


For now there're no plans to change this functionality, but we've sent your feedback about this to the Car Thing team for future consideration.

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Hi Alex, 

I really hope the feature to toggle the auto opening/switching to Spotify app is reconsidered. It’s very disruptive I assume for all the people like me that use car thing on their desk.


Best regards,


Oh my god! I absolutely hate the auto switching to Spotify. About to toss this thing in the dumpster. 

I don't even know what this is for and I didn't even read it but I already know automatically apps which is bad. It's annoying enough in IOS when one app suddenly takes you somewhere else.

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