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[Subscription] Loyalty Program: Discount for Long Term Subscribers

For subscribers that dont have a lapse in their subscriptions - an incentive could be that every year you get 10% of your subscription price up to 50% off after 5 years of continuous membership!

Updated on 2023-03-30

Hey everyone,


It seems that this idea ended up in the wrong board accidentally, so we're bringing it back.


We're keeping the previous Case Closed status, as we don't have any immediate plans to implement this. As soon as we have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here.


Take care.


I'm happy to be paying the amount of money that I am, and I wouldn't want artists being paid any less for their music.


To help prevent users from resubscribing every three months, perhaps features could be unlocked at certain time intervals? E.g. at the 6 month mark, you can store more songs locally, at 1 year you can get access to some exclusive content etc.


The suggestion came from going over a very tight budget. I know to most people $10 a month doesnt seem like a lot but its more than i can afford.

I listen to the free version of spotify 5 days a week at work and the ads dont bother me one bit. I am thankful that the vast selection of music is offered for free with what i'd consider minimal ads. I live in northern minnesota and there are many places that don't have cell phone service-and those are places with some of the best fishing. If Spotify offered a $5/mo option of being able to save a certain amount of songs for offline listening while still running ads, id be all over it.

Unless a cheaper subscription price is offered in some way....i will just be another freeloader with "ad listening" being my only contribution to the artists. 

It would be nice to listen to some music that  i want (instead of the radio) this time of year while im out trying to catch some fish and its almost 50 degrees colder than when water freezes!


50% would be great but kind of sure that'll never happen.

I would on the other hand greatly appreciate to get a month or two for free now and then. Got an e-mail a few weeks ago with "Get premium and get 3 months for free" but I sadly realized that it only was for new members.

For me that has been with them for almost 10 years, there was nothing and have never been...


Not sure on the discount amounts either, but it would be a cool thing thing in general for some kind of nod to loyal subscribers. Plus, this money goes to content creators, so, personally, I'd rather there was some kind of middle ground. Like, every 12 months of subscriptions get a discounted month or something. It could even be awesome to accompany it with some personal stats if a reduction wasn't possible. Spotify is awesome but Apple and Google (who are bigger fishes in the sea for other things) are trying their best to get their hands on more of the pie and Spotify giving incentives to loyal users would go a long way.

I think its a brilliant proposal to spotify management to reduce the premium price to £5 a month after constant subscription for 6 months or maybe 9 months of the £10 premium. This would bring in much much more premium subscribers and therefore create much more profit for the company, also as the numbers of people finding out about spotify is increasing, naturally, it can only stand to serve more people and get more and more popular. 

I really like spotify and i am a new customer on a three month trial run and so far i think its good.

3.5/5 stars i rate it,   ...i would rate 5/5 if the premium price was more affordable(for vast majority of people interested in using)for what your getting considering that not every song is available and you cannot perminately store the songs also sometimes the songs will not play on offline mode or stop half way, which is very stressful.

        Though the quality is excellent this is the main reason why i am a fan and now recomend spotify to everyone.

I dont think i will continue to keep the premium at £9.99 per month though i will at certain times of the year renew the premium payment for speacial times like holidays and such.

Though if continuous premium customers where allowed a 50% discount after say 6 months i would reconsider and i would keep permanent subscription!!


Loyalty discounts are awesome. Cell phone companies do it and that's one of the reasons I stick with my provider to this day. I think the same thing would be great for Spotify.


so for this, its very fair for the long time subcribers

I like the sentiment behind this suggestion, but I absolutely agree with others in the thread that a 50% discount is way way more than I could see them offering (and I'm not sure if I'd really want it, because as others have also said, a good chunk of that money goes to the artists for their great music). I do like the call for something between the full subscription level and the fully free level, as I know a lot of people who would love to subscribe for various functions of the service, but they can't afford the $10 a month. (Arguably, I probably can't either, but I manage to squeeze it in because music helps keep me sane, but I'm lucky to be able to make that call.) Another option might be to let customers get a small discount if they pay for say six months or a year at a time? A lot of companies do this (Pandora used to, my web host does this), so there is some merit to it.

Working towards a free account is a better idea than a decrease in monthly subscription cost. I'm ashamed to say, I didn't even think about the artists that are getting paid off of subscription costs. It's more fun to work towards that free account anyway. 


 +1 : printable invoice, yearly plan, discount for long term plans