April 2017 Ideas Review

Community Manager
Community Manager

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board and present the ones we’ve updated in the past 30 days.


We're here to take a look at the ideas we updated for you all in April. Curious what we implemented last year? Well check out our Yearly Ideas Review: 2016 here. 



In case you didn't hear, we've launched our Spotify Student Discount in 33 new markets, which meant a lot of your ideas were implemented this month.




1. Student Discount in Sweden


2. Student Discount in Australia


3. Canadian Student Discount


4. Student Discount in Italy


5. Student Discount in Turkey


6. Student Discount for The Netherlands


7. Student Discount in Spain


8. Student Discount in Denmark


9. Student Discount in Ireland


10. Student Discount in Switzerland


11. Student Discount in New Zealand


12. Student Discount in Philippines


13. Student Discount in Brazil



































14. Airplay in the Desktop version


15. Allow user to select default sound device.



16. Color Toggle. 


17. Access to your Spotify Taste profile.


18. Put Android menu back to the left.


19. Teacher Discount.


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Gig Goer

Has Spotify ever thought about adding music videos or even mixtapes to it's database? I mean some mixtapes wouldn't be able to necessarily generate money because of some that have artists freestyling using other people's beats, but at least it would help show the full depth of the artists catalog. Or maybe just have the catalog listed under the artist with a link pointing to the page where the project is hosted at, I don't know just something I thought about. 


i like the feature spotify has online where you can see what your friends are listening too right at that moment its being played, is there a way i can get that on the phone app? even if it was a pop up or notifation while im on the app that my friends are currently listening too "this song" and be able to add it or listen too it myself. that would be cool!




lol, more like



1) Student Discount in various countries 




What about bringing back the various features that were taken away when the web player got replaced?  


And ditto the comment above - 33 student discounts does not mean a lot of our ideas were implemented.  




Music Fan

What about allowing artist to upload music directly to Spotify?  Of course there would have to be limitations.  Artists that have over a certain amount of either streams, monthly listeners or followers would be the only ones allowed to use the feature.  


Hey Spotify, is it possible to create a option to mark several songs to delete out a playlist? Should be very nice




EYYY seriously is this 2017 and i cant see who the **bleep** is following my playlists??? Change it now!


 A group queue.


A Group of people at a party with the Spotify app all want to play singes they love. But only one person can connect to the speaker.  So someone creates a group queue. The person creating the group queue has the most control. But this idea allows others to make suggestions to the queue. Master can accept or deny these suggestions. You can play more songs that please the crowd or party. 


By. Kofort. 

Spotify name kofort9


@Kofort you could do this with a collaborative playlist, everyone add to it, put it on shuffle / person with the connected phone controls it


@djvj3000 I'm talking about in real time not before an event kinda similar to how posting a pic on instagram works.  

Ya, people can add tracks to the playlist at the party in real time?

Wating for de Android's UI update!

Casual Listener

There should be a way to remove multiple songs at once from a playlist and to add multiple songs from another playlist or an album at once to another playlist. Also a way to put one song (or multiple songs) into more than one playlist at once. 

Casual Listener

You should be able to like copy a playlist and make your own changes and add to it or remove songs but still have the original makers username somewhere like at the top it can say created by [username] modified by [your username] or like playlist inspired by [username] that way you don't have to make a new playlist by taking each song from another playlist individually and wasting a lot of time



Just play the Ad!

If I NEVER choose to view the video in order to receive 30 minutes free, then assume that I never will and stop that annoying offer to do so.  Just play the ads.  I am working out or cooking at it will never be convenient to watch a video.  


[Mobile] Bring Back "Shuffle All" for Playlist Folders



925 votes and counting


I would love to see a feature implemented in which you could shuffle multiple different playlists together at the same time


Casual Listener

Please add this new feature to the music player:

Jazz musicians like me listen to solos within a song over and over again, in order to analyze it. Instead of having to drag the position of the music player back to the solo over and over again, it would be extremely useful if in the music player you could just choose a specific section of the song to repeat. I realize that in the current version of Spotify, you can repeat the entire song, but in this situation that isn't helpful. For example, if you could select 15 seconds of a song where a saxophone solos and put it on repeat, then a jazz musician like me would be able to analyze it better. I believe that this feature would be extremely helpful to all musicians.

Thank you!


What about allowing users to have control over their privacy? 

Hate not being able to stop people from following me, not being able to make my listening private indefinitely. I do not want every aspect of my life shared on the internet, my music preferences are something I'd like to keep private unless I decide to share it. Spotify does not seem to be giving me this option right now.