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In Our Headphones

In Our Headphones: January 2023 🎧


Hello folks!


We're finishing the first month of a brand new year and now that we're leaving the holiday hype behind, we can focus on new projects and more ways to become a better version of ourselves. Whether it’s thinking about the future or remembering the past, we’re living in the present and kicking January out the door! 


Here’s our monthly selection of tracks to keep going in 2023. Keep reading to find out what’s In Our Headphones over at Bogotá 🎧


We start this new cycle with @AlejaR, who had some flashbacks of the good old times with Drops of Jupiter by Train.


"I do recall listening to this song when I was in high school, but I totally forgot about it. Some days ago I listen it in the radio (I was in a taxi) just by chance, and now I'm obsessed all over again with the song"


And talking about studying, when you start learning a new language, you want to be surrounded by it. And that was the case with À peu près by Pomme.


She mentions "I was scrolling through my Liked songs playlist and I found it. I saved it when I was studying French. It's a very sad song, but it makes me feel calm" 📔


But not everything in life is study-related! We also need to have fun playing games and learning new skills, and this was the case with the song Black Betty by Ram Jam.


"I discovered this while playing Rayman Legends. There's a whole level you have to pass based on the rhythm of the song. It's magnificent."


Now we have @Eni with some melancholic vibes to this new year with the song What We Had by Sody.


"I came across the first one by accident when searching for a different song in the app and I really liked it for its lyrics. It describes a bit what we all feel after a relationship that was nice, but that had to end for some reason."


But even when we're in a "not so happy" mood, we always have an artist or a song that makes us take a deep breath, smile and change the mood completely. This is exactly what happens to Eni with her second choice: EveryTime I Cry by Ava Max.


"This second one is from my beloved Ava Max which as well as her other songs has the power to cheer me up in any situation"


Next up, we've @AndresL continuing with the melancholic vibes, but adding a bit of urban style with his first selection Yo te esperaré by Cali y el Dandee.


As he mentions "I choose this one because it brings me memories with an ex-girlfriend I loved so much, but ended in a very bad way, still it's exactly what I felt in that moment. Also it's the only group I listen from that genre 😂"


And remembering the old times, what would we be if we had not lived through that beautiful EMO era of the two thousands? Well, this next song kicks right in the jagged, eye-covering, banged hairstyle with Knives and Pens by Black Veil Brides.


"I love it because that was the first song I heard and it made me EMO 😂. When I was a teenager I started listening Emotive Hardcore (HxC) songs, and because of that I learned English"


Next up we have @Novy adding some pop-culture to the mix by bringing songs fully charged with emotions and memories starting with Eat Me by Demi Lovato, Royal & the Serpent.

“One of the songs I've been listening to this month is definitely "Eat Me" by Demi Lovato and Royal & the Serpent 🔥 I've been a very huge fan of Demi since 2008! She has a beautiful and incredible voice that suits different music genres, so I enjoyed her last album with all my heart. There are so many feelings in every song, and they all have a different vibe to them which I personally loved. I actually went to see Demi live on September '22 here in Bogotá, and believe me when I say I CAN'T get over it!!! 💓


But not all in pop-culture is related to the genre, sometimes pop sounds darker or heavier, and the best example for this is her next selection Waiting for the night by Ghost.


“Another jam that's been continuously in my headphones! I first heard them in 2014 with Year Zero thanks to a friend, and I've loved the band ever since. Listening to their music makes me feel very calm and it just transports me to a happy place 😊 This is definitely one of those bands i would love to see live someday”

And her last selection is a song fully charged with good vibes: Calm Down by Rema & Selena Gomez.

As she mentioned “this is a recent obsession! The whole vibe of the song is literally so calm and relaxed, it makes me want to be listening to it while being at the beach holding a very cold and tasty drink 😅 And the chorus of this song is one I can't take off my mind! I'll be doing any of my daily tasks and singing it in my head 😂 I really love it!”

Next, we’ve @Julian who selected one of the latest releases from his favorite band: Under a Dying Sun by The Flatlinners


“My favorite band for the last 10 years released this album last August. The first time I discovered this band, I loved it because it was fast punk and I was into that at the moment. However the years have passed and I noticed that people also change. It was hard to believe this beautiful song was written by the same fast-punk band I once knew. Some people don't like when bands evolve their sound as they want to keep listening to the same thing over and over. I'm really glad to see that this band didn't care about that and perfected their sound. They've grown over the years and so have I.”

And lastly, my own personal picks for this month 🙂

I’ve been a metalhead the majority of my life, but some years ago, I started giving the chance to new genres to fill my music selection and electronic music has now had a giant impact on my daily life. 


My first pick is Slow Motion by Bensley. I fell in love with Drum & Bass recently and this specific song brings good vibes only. This is the type of song that you could have on repeat 1 all day long with the volume as high as possible.

Continuing with the Electronic music selection, my next pick is from a whole different genre, but filled again with good vibes and love! It’s Innerbloom by RÜFÜS DU SOL. This song is full of love, it has beautiful lyrics and a peaceful rhythm that makes me like to have it on repeat all day long.


And to keep it electronic, my last pick is Another Chance by Roger Sanchez. This song brings back a lot of memories from the good old days. I first heard this song 15 years ago on a TV music channel called MCM (I think it was French). The video was about a girl carrying a small heart in her hand, which becomes bigger and bigger when she starts dating a guy. It’s kind of sad, but it keeps reminding me of the old good times when I had nothing to worry about.

If you want to give these songs a try, make sure to check out our official playlist!

We hope you enjoyed this month’s fine selection of songs and stay tuned because we’ve more to share 😉