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Music Monday

#MusicMonday Review - December 2023


#MusicMonday is the hashtag I've been using for quite a while to share music recommendations from up-and-coming artists. Always fresh, and always different, trying to look for trends before they become one. You can check November's review for more music.


This is it. The end of 2023. Twelve months of new music, and new horizons from all over the world. Give it one last listen, with a word from the artists themselves. 🎧


The Height – One to Another


And he sits on his own some days
but everyone know the games he plays


Our last trip of the year begins in the City of Salford, England, with a teenage Indie trio expressing what being an outsider, and not fitting in, may sound like:


"I was just listening to a lot of The Charlatans, Supergrass and then I ended up writing this one!"




The New Cut – From the Overpass



Who d'you wanna be tonight?
Maybe they'd like the guy with the mask
The view looks good tonight
I can see my house
From the overpass


Better re-run T-Shirt
and I can see some so me first
I'm a bird I'm all set in
two words I'm indebted


We move south to Bristol, still in England, for a Lo Fi Post Punk track about the struggles of making ends meet. You take yours and I'll take mine:


"I think thematically the track represents the complexities of modern life in their simplest forms and how overwhelming that can be.


We were moving to Totterdown at the time and I had a lot of experiences relating to what it’s like being a student in the city. I was living as cheaply as possible and dealing with a lot of physical and mental illness that put me out of work. Orange juice seemed expensive at the time and the idea of spending money at a cafe seemed untouchable in that moment.


The pre chorus for me represents an idolized view of life - usually brought about by social media, usually Americanized in my experience as well.


The overpass is in someways a metaphor for taking the time to step back and see these complexities from a distance. The man made structure of an overpass creates this idea of having to step away from modern humanity whilst using the inescapable foundations of modern life at the same time."




Fede Scaglioni – Luna y estrellas

FedeScaglioni.jpgSus ojos verdes como el mar
Y se reía sin parar
Y yo loco por ella

Cada momento sigue ahí
Y en cada luna vuelve a mi
Y aún la veo brillar

El mismo cielo sigue ahí
Llega la brisa de ese Abril
Que compartí con ella


From Montevideo, Uruguay, we get a Latin Pop love song where the moon, the stars, and time leave marks on your skin so you'll never forget:


"The inspiration came along one night I was let new ideas flow and out of the sudden I came across with the returning to stages of Tan Bionica. That notice sparked my inspiration and I found myself merging with the spirit to write a romantic and nostalgic song.


Chano and Tan Bionica’s music has been always around and in some way that energy influenced me to come up with this pop/rock song. Many people told me that it has Beatles and Oasis influences, and to be honest, who is not touched by those great bands that live inside us?"




Virgin Mary Disco – For Free

VirginMaryDisco.jpgThey tell you to talk, but nobody listens
They want your thoughts, but not your condition
You work so hard it’s only your nature
Breaking your back, they gonna make sure


Sell all your time, and sleep through the weekend
He’s making his dime while your body weakens
When you work for him business is pleasure
Family’s first, and labor is leisure


We fly now to Melbourne, Australia for a little bit of Garage Rock about progress in the modern world. Keep your head down, ain't nothing for free:


"The song is about the experience of employment in the modern workplace and capitalism. The lyrics for For Free came from my own mishearing of the song Making Flippy Floppy by Talking Heads. When Byrne sings ‘Business and pleasure, lie right to your face’, I always heard ‘Business IS pleasure’, a contradiction I could identify with, and the lyrics grew from there.


Many companies today present themselves as supportive, community environments (some may even be genuine in their pursuit), but at the end of the day they continue to thrive on a system based on the extraction of cheap resources and cheap labour, leaving us to pay the true cost of their greed."




Oh Romance – Kiss & Tell


OhRomance.jpgThink you’ve got problems well look at mine
You’re always runnin’ circles at the back of my mind
Do what it takes to get close to you
Do what it takes, I’ll give in to you


Never thought we’d make it anyway
I was never one for makin’ mistakes
Never thought we’d make it anyway
I was never one to

Kiss and Tell


Our last stop of the year will be Glasgow, Scotland for an Alt Rock track about not telling details of private matters, don't you agree?


"The hook was created at a practice session, and it just stuck! The actual meaning of the song is always up for interpretation. Music is an art, and just like any piece of art, I like to hear what people take away from it, what they think the song is about or what it means to them.


Kiss & Tell could be about lost love, it could be about a past relationship gone sour. It is whatever the listener wants it to be, I think!"




#MusicMonday 2023


That's a wrap! We say goodbye to 2023 with this year's compilation. 101 titles from original artists covering all types of genres, representing the multiple trends independent artists are proud to establish. Have a listen:




Preview 2024 and much more on the complete Playlist




See you next month!

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