November 2018 Ideas Review

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November 2018 Ideas Review 

Every month the Community Team reviews our Ideas Board. In this blog we'll present some of the ones we’ve updated in the past month!


Want to know what's been going on in the Ideas Board in the last 30 days? Let's take a look...


1. [Android] Swipe to Queue a Track


We're keeping this idea set to 'Not Right Now', as this isn't something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts.


Rest assured that if we do have any new information to share, we'll check back in here with a new status.


2. [All Platforms] Album Art for each Track in Lists




      3. [All Platforms][Other] Do not make ads with car horns in them

      4. [All Platforms][Other] Spotify in Lebanon

      5. [Country] Spotify in Qatar


      6. [Country] Spotify in Saudi Arabia

      7. [Country] Spotify in the UAE

      8. [Country] Spotify in Egypt

      9. [Country] Spotify in Tunisia

      10. [Country] Spotify in Oman

      11. [Partnerships] Spotify on Apple Watch


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Hi, it will be great if we can use Spotify on fitbit versa too! It's a huge fitness tracker market, and presence on fitbit will definitely help to grow and expand your market share and subscription base further! Hope you can consider this and develop it further in the near future! 


I love the wrapped feature! I think it would be awesome if we could see our stats all year round... be able to see when we listened to the most an album or artist the most. Idk if that’s just me??


Change it back so that you can rearrange songs in the "search" function, whether it be by artist, title, or popularity. Dunno why you guys keep removing useful features that don't hurt anyone.




Spotify wrapped was alright this year, but I'm sort of disappointed with the exclusion of certain stats that I found extremely interesting last year; How many songs I skipped, how many different genres I listened to, how many different songs/artists, etc. I was mindful of these things all year, in hopes of seeing impressive numbers when Wrapped came around again, but they were left out for some reason. Any way we can get a "Wrapped Extended Version" or something like that? Or just shoot me an email with my stats. I'm really curious. Thanks.




Hey @SyphroJ,


That's a great idea! We suggest that you create an idea about it in the Community by going here. The more people that vote for it, the more likely it is for Spotify to consider implementing it!


Hope that helps 🙂


I’m very curious to see how this community will grow.


Would it be possible to add a feature where you can have a personal 1-10 rankings of songs, because I have a playlist that's pretty large, and sometimes I just want to play the favorites of my favorites (the 10s), and if we could sort by rank it would just be so much easier. Plus it would be much easier to rerank them than having to create a new playlist or having to remove songs from playlists if you no longer want it to be in your "favorites" playlist.



I have an idea. I think it is  a better idea if spotify enables review system for albums/singles/eps DIRECTLY on app. The purpose is so we can share our thoughts for that album and what other people think about that album. This is very interesting feature, and in fact you can also use this feature to attract new users to get premium by applying this feature exclusively to premium subscribers. What do you think?


Tak co? Oficiálně pouze angličtina, všude, vždycky, a každý jiný ať si trhne hnatou? Jak se to VAM ČTE, huh? Too bad right? Exactly! Now u got least a lil'of idea about, if u u can't understand satisfying enough!!



So... after looking thru a mountain of unrelated and related topics... I have concluded there is NO place to access a Live Chat with a human being that works for spotify. I am probably posting this comment in the wrong place, sorry if this is the case, but I must get this off my chest. Having to rely on the helpfulness of the community at large to solve, what seems to me, a spotify employee's paid job, is completely rediculous.

Here's my problem... I have used free spotify for over a year, built up some pretty nice playlists in the process. Finally, inundated with advertising avery 6 or 7 songs got to me, I signed up for premium w/HULU 2 months ago. My 3 month trial subscription ends Christmas day and I will be billed monthly $12.99 (plus tax) starting that very day. Merry Christmas to me. If I am now going to be paying for ad-free use of spotify... I want to import my old playlists to my new, paid, spotify account. It's less than 1,000 songs, maybe 10-12 playlists. I need specific, step by step, instructions of how to do this from someone who works AT SPOTIFY. Thank you very much. Nikki