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2018 music

2018 music

Favorite genre 

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My favorite genre is reggaeton #LatinoGang #Reggaetón

emo rap/underground but according to my spotify wrapped, my most listened to genre is "indie"

My favorite genre is hip-hop but I also really love neo-soul too. But at the end of the day, I just like what sounds great sonically. Anything that evokes emotion honestly.

My favourite genre is alt-R&B 


Right now my favorite genre is a cross between dancehall reggae and hip-hop! This chillhop thing is catching my ears though lately.

Metalcore is my fav 🤘🏻 But i am open minded to almost every genre out there 

The best for me is Rap, Jazz, Alterative music, Independent Music, Reggae and Lofi Music.



i'm listening a lot of EDM, italo house, house, argentinian indie music, R&B and HipHop

Pop, Rock, Indie, and Punk.

Also I love Sertanejo from Brazil,

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