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28 gb free on phone, still wont offline

28 gb free on phone, still wont offline

I have iphone 6s with 64 gb. I managed to download/offline 75% of my songs, but all the new ones I add to playlists does not get offlined. Even though I have 28gb free space. Most of them go grey ( the logo on the left showing it's waiting to download), but some songs lately also goes red. I have switched wifi, tried downloading over 4g, etc, but nothing works. It's really annoying since I got a phone with bigger space so I could offline more.

Yes, The playlists are marked as green ( meaning all the songs should be offlined)
I download in "high" quality .
Incase anyone wanted to know this.
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How many songs have you saved there is a limit, try saving them into newly created playlist there is no limit to that


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