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Abnormal Streaming Activity

Abnormal Streaming Activity


I'm a rather new artist on Spotify, and last month I put up my first song on the service. I have with excitement followed my audience every day, and enjoyed seeing the streams go up. However, I have noticed some abnormal behavior on the streams of my song. E.g. two days ago, my song got streamed more than 200 times, but only by 8 different listeners. I therefore think that one of my friends/family members may be streaming my song on repeat, just to give me streams/money.

Though I of course enjoy the support, I'm afraid that Spotify will detect this as "abnormal activity", and maybe delete my song. Do anyone know how Spotify tackles these issues?

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I cannot speak for Spotify but still, I don't think that a red light flashes unless you get a sudden increase of streams from zero to tens or hundreds of thousands overnight. Otherwise, it would be very easy for anyone to disqualify any song just by creating a fake account and putting it in an endless loop. The worst thing I would expect is that you might not be paid for all repeated streams, but I am only speculating here.




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