About 5 seconds are truncated from all tracks on an entire album.

About 5 seconds are truncated from all tracks on an entire album.

I was listening to Dream Theater's "Octavarium" on Spotify today and noticed that the transition between most of the tracks is abrupt, and several seconds of audio have been cut off.  This is especially noticeable between Tracks 1-2, 2-3, 5-6, 6-7.


I chalk it up to a bad rip or processing error. 


If you own the actual album, or go listen to it on YouTube, the tracks crossfade smoothly.


How do people report ripping issues like this to Spotify staff?  I couldn't find anything in the FAQ.

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It may be possible that your spotify settings may have a little to do with this, do you have the 'gapless play' setting enabled? Maybe even the 'crossfade' setting? If they are on try turning them off.

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Giving it a listen, it seems odd to me as well.


In this case it would be better to follow thoese instructions posted in this link.

Once you have submitted a query, the content team will investigate and then pass any needed details over to the record label to request a correction/change if needed.
It will take some time, though.





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Thanks for asking.  I've always had "Crossfade songs" turned OFF. 

I have also quit Spotify and purged the "Data" and "Storage" folders.

Hey @SebastVAIO, have you actually tried that link lately?  The article is four years old and the support page has drastically changed.  The link is in Swedish, and the support choices are missing / significantly altered.


It looks like this is the correct procedure now:

Update: I contacted Spotify support this morning and reported the issue.  They recently removed the "broken songs" support option, so the only (current) method is to start a support chat for an "Other" issue and provide the URI to the agent with a description of the issue.


If you want Spotify to restore the ability to report broken songs, please use the "Idea Submissions" page.



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