wrong songs

Hay last nigth i was lisning to some Seth MacFarlanes and when it startede playing the "A million ways to Die in the West" is was in German. even the one where it dose not say that it shoud be in German. is that something that can be looked at ?

I hope that someone from Spotify will read this.


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If you notice a track or album that isn't playing correctly, first see if the same thing happens when you:


-Restart the app.

-Restart your device.

-Try to play the track on Spotify using a different device.

-Try to play the track on our web player.


If the track plays OK after restarting, or on different devices, then it’s unlikely to be an issue with the song itself.


 If the same issue does keep happening after these checks, you can report it with these steps:

1. Visit this page.

2. Choose I want to report a broken song or wrong song information.


4. Provide all the requested information. Click SEND QUESTION.

I believe Spotify messed something big up because there is definitely a huge issue with a lot of my playlists missing a LOT of songs. My biggest play list of starred songs is missing every single song on the desktop app and was replaced with a very weird series of voice readings of something in another language? Also a lot of local files I have in my playlists are gone and now do not show up at all when I search for local files. I'm trying to find more information but I wouldn't be surprised if spotify messed something up again and doesn't feel like lettting us in on it

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