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Hi Spotify

I´m looking for a song in the playlist of last week in " descubrimiento semanal". It´s possible to find this list...?? May I get it? 


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I did a keyword search using those words with the Spotify desktop app, I got a bunch of user created playlists titled that way? Not sure which playlist it is you are looking for?


Was the playlist created by a Spotify user or was the playlist a Spotify curated playlist?

yes, the playlist was created for spotify, every week, make an special list for every usuer, I think that in this case, spotify choose some songs for me, and make a playlist....I'm not sure....there are a mix of songs, "news songs" for me....the name of the playlist is "discovering"



Ah my bad, translation error on my part. I just read and speak in English, so I overlooked the words being used in your original post. This is the feature called Discover Weekly which is also descubrimiento semanal in Spanish, apologies for this error on my part.


This playlist Discover Weekly playlist updates every Monday with a new selection of songs, so currently Spotify does not have an option for users to go back in time from week to week and look for past songs in the weekly playlists. Spotify's Discover Weekly article link:


What some users have been doing in the meantime of recovering past playlists is either saving each Monday of songs into an archive backup playlist manually each week, or just saving the favorite songs each week into another playlist, or using this handy automated tool from this third party service from here


Hope this helped clear this up for you and if you need help in another language do not be afraid to ask. Again apologies for the translation error on my part and for a delay in an acceptable response.


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