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Wrong albums in various artists pages

Wrong albums in various artists pages

First, I feel it should be easier to be able to report wrong tracks/album under wrong artists etc. 


I have found a couple of albums that are wrongfully placed under certain artists. 


For the Hardcore/Metalcore band Norma Jean, you guys have a greatest hits album of some old 60s country singer who I presume has the same name (Norma Jean). It is quite the buzz kill listening to random Norma jean songs and then being interupted by some depressing country music. If you could remove her and create her own artists page that would be fantastic!


The second error I have found is that for the Thrash/Seed Metal band Vektor, you have some "The Story of Vektor" album from 2001 that is not the same artist. The story of Vektor is some Jazz Fusion band from Toronto so they should probably be split up.


Like I said earlier it should be easier to submit these sort of errors. I know I have come across a lot more then these two and it would be nice to have the ease of reporting these errors.



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Hey @tristanrobinson, welcome to the Community!


Can you send us over the URIs of the artist pages and the albums that should be on a separate page?


We'll take a look backstage. 


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