Album Song Issue


Album Song Issue


Hi, I've been facing an issue with one album specifically, recently Super Junior released their album One More Time


This album contains a song with two versions (One More Time), one featuring artist Reik and another one with just them.


One More Time (Otra Vez) featuring Reik (

is a song with Korean and Spanish verses.


One More Time (Otra Vez) SJ. ver (

is just Super Junior singing in Korean.


My issue is that when I play this two songs on my MacBook Pro, both songs are playing the version with Reik (Spanish and Korean), but when I play the songs on my Android (LG G6) both songs play the SJ. Ver (Korean only).


In both cases I've downloaded the songs.


And in very weird cases, the SJ. ver plays the version with Reik, and the Reik version plays the SJ. ver.


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Hey There !


You can click here for the "Fix Tracks Or Albums" guide and i'm sure it'll help you with the issue in matter.


Hope This Helped.