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Album cover is wrong.

Album cover is wrong.

The Album cover of Toyful Basket's Suzuko Mimori is worng image.
Please fix it.

Currently :


Real Album Cover


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Hi @user-removed, 


If you notice a track or an album on Spotify isn't playing correctly, or the information (title, cover art, release date) is incorrect, you can report it:


  • Go to submission form
  • Choose Report an offensive or broken track/album.
  • Find the URI of the content:
    1. Open the desktop app and go to the track/album/artist you wish to report.
    2. Click 
       and select Share.
    3. Click Copy Spotify URI. The code is copied to your clipboard.
    4. Paste the URI into the submission form and fill in the other details. 
      Note: It looks like this: spotify:track:4uLU6hMCjMI75M1A2tKUQC. It’s not the same as a link, which starts

This is a solution to solve a single case, but the problem is that wrong and weird pictures are used as album covers all over the place. And they constantly change too, it's like a carousel.

Take this for example: this is a soundtrack from a movie, it used to have a correct album cover, but now shows a picture of Playmobil? Seriously Spotify, what the f uck? 

The album cover of "Mobile Estates" by Citizen King is also wrong.


Here is the correct album cover


Hey @ThomWim and @paddotk,


Thanks for bringing this up!


I'd recommend following the steps that @Emilia_8 has posted in order to report this to the content team at Spotify. They'll be happy to take care of it 🙂




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Hi Alex,


Thanks for your response. Though this may help with this particular case, I think it's better if Spotify has a look at the root of this problem, because this issue occurs literally all over the place. Rather than fixing one picture at a time, see why people are uploading Playmobil pictures where they very clearly shouldn't.

I'd like to add btw, that sometimes albums already have the correct image and then at some point change to something else that's incorrect and unrelated.

Wow! A fan! Thought I was the only one left XD

I had to update my request for "Mobile Estates" by Citizen King, with an image of the correct album cover.


The album is owned by Warner Music, so that label should be contacted.

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