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[All Platforms][Podcasts][Social][Other] Select Joe Rogan Episodes STILL MISSING 2021. No Replies.

[All Platforms][Podcasts][Social][Other] Select Joe Rogan Episodes STILL MISSING 2021. No Replies.

Why are there still selected of the Joe Rogan episodes missing? It's January 2021. I have sent two emails asking about this completely unnecessary problem but have not yet received any replies or explanations. I will post my emails below:

Sent: Thursday, January 14, 2021 at 10:57 PM
From: Dietrichias
To: <snip - Moderator Edit> 
Cc: <snip - Moderator Edit>
Subject: Fw: Why are Selected Joe Rogan Episodes STILL MISSING [NOT A DUPLICATE] [Spotify Censorship] *Regressive

*Once Again* Dear Unresponsive Spotify Customer Service and Staff,

Why are there STILL selected episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience missing? It's January 2021.

Note: I still have never received ANY response to my previous email from anyone being addressed here. No reply. No explanation. NOTHING. I upgraded to PREMIUM solely because of Joe's move to Spotify. Are you intentionally trying to make me regret this decision and leave? All this accomplishes is alienating a PAYING CUSTOMER. I am certain I am not the only one. Additionally I will dump all my Spotify stock and begin a campaign to tell others to do so if this completely pointless and unnecessary issue is not addressed with valid reasoning or adequately resolved (i.e. just simply restore ALL the episodes in their entirety and unedited).

Also please add some of the playback functionality that YouTube had: Such as the ability to rewind or fastforward 5 or 10 seconds using the arrow keys. Why are you continually manufacturing unnecessary problems? Why are you making things more difficult for your loyal users? Are you trying to force people go back to using winamp like its 1998?

Will people seriously have to call your offices now?


Sent: Tuesday, December 01, 2020 at 3:31 AM
From: Dietrichias
Subject: Why are Selected Joe Rogan Episodes STILL MISSING [NOT A DUPLICATE] [Spotify Censorship] *Regressive

Apparently since I was *proactively* unable to post this on the Spotify Community Ideas Forum, I will email this directly to corporate. What a great way to promote "Ideas" and a "Sense of Community" by proactively denying your paid subscribers the chance to voice their legitimate concerns and criticisms.

Original message:

Why is Spotify STILL censoring/selectively excluding certain Joe Rogan Experience episodes?
It's been months since Spotify has become the exclusive platform for this podcast. This is utterly unacceptable, especially now since all full episodes are starting to be removed from both the website and YouTube. I can only speculate that Spotify will now try to selectively edit (i.e. censor) all episodes to fit a predetermined narrative that fits whatever bogus ideology that superficially ensures their subscriber income. BTW for playing videos and allowing for community interaction: YouTube is far superior to Spotify's barely usable interface. And I have very little praise for YouTube. Not even the Spotify hotkeys bindings are sensible. First you remove visualizations function years ago and now this unjustifiable decision to selectively prohibit access to something subscribers pay you for? Without any opportunity to appeal? How is any of this beneficial to your customers?

This summer I specifically upgraded to Premium in order to have access to the entire catalogue of all the Joe Rogan Podcasts. I don't even like Alex Jones but to remove his appearance as well as others much less controversial (i.e. Chris D'Elia, Mikhaila Peterson, etc.) it truly appalling. And I'm a card carrying super-progressive, extra-liberal lefty by any reasonable definition of those terms. I've never even thought of voting Republican. Not that this should matter at all but apparently it does to overbearing, self-righteous Spotify employees. If this is not resolved by years end I will be forced to cancel my premium and encourage everyone I know to do the same. I will also encourage everyone to dump their Spotify shares since that seems the only way to get through to you. Shame on you Spotify you have become exactly what you hate, an authoritarian, corporate bully, cynically pandering to an irrational cult of Wokeness. Unrestrained, self-destructive, and hypocritical Wokeness (i.e. so-called Social Justice *activists*) is literally how we got the deplorable Trumpism to seize power in the first place and now why we're all in this absurd unnecessary nightmare that has cost 270k+ American deaths and counting. Have you learned nothing in the past 5+ years from this Kafka-esque **bleep** we have created for ourselves?

So regressive of you Spotify and not progressive at all. You're doing much more damage to society and its future than you seem to realize.

For Reference:


- A very disappointed Spotify Supporter and former Fan

P.S. At least add the same functionality of the YouTube videos such as being able to go forward and backwards 10 seconds with the arrow keys, an easier scroll function, search function (in-app AND in browser), and ability to select quality of video (720p, 1080p, etc.). Why would you even provide videos without this basic functionality? This isn't 2008 anymore.

P.P.S. Please restore the visualizations function to Spotify please.

10 Replies

Why are select Joe Rogan Experience podcast episodes STILL MISSING from Spotify? This is unacceptable. I purposely upgraded to premium for the ENTIRE CATALOGUE for the Joe Rogan Experience. I don't even like Alex Jones and will probably never listen to those episodes but to remove the customer's choice to listen/watch or not is utterly unacceptable.  Why remove the Chris D'Elia ones too? It makes no sense. Not that it should matter but I am actually a super progressive far-left liberal. Imagine if you guys selectively censored or edited a left-wing podcast guest? What would your reaction be? I hope someone actually reads this and corrects this seriously dumb and completely unnecessary mistake. This is not progressive but rather VERY REGRESSIVE. Remember when then the religious right was all into censorship? Well you're them now. Congratulations on proving the horseshoe theory.


Also fix your **bleep**ing video player to allow the left/right arrow keys to fast-forward or rewind 15 seconds. And the up/down keys top control volume. Stop with the**bleep**. I hate youtube but their video player was far superior to this truly half-assed Spotify video player. This makes vimeo in 2010 look fantastic by comparison.

You woke up and chose facts

Any response to this confirmation of your censorship Spotify?

 they won't give us answers because honestly their service overall is trash 

trash trash trash

Screen Shot 2021-03-25 at 11.36.53 AM.png


The removal by "moderators" was immediate as I first posted the message.  Clearly filtered by AI.

Remember when Spotify has a visualizer? Now I have to go back and use winamp again. That means winamp from 2003 has more features than Spotify today.

Also Spotify video player makes look like Vimeo by comparison. 😛
P.S. If you don't get that then [Spotify] makes Vimeo look like youtube by comparison.

Still no replies and increased censorship incidents. Just awful Spotify. WHERE IS YOUR "ACCOUNTABILITY" Spotify?

Spotify Continues to Remove Joe Rogan Episodes — 42 Shows Now Deleted

Joe Rogan fans are refusing to follow him to Spotify, and it’s bad

"Progressives" are not progressive at all.  They are REgressive.  Fascists, working to silence anyone who does not conform to group think.  Spotify, your behaviors are fascist-like.  Do you really think the "woke" cancel culture will not eventually come after you?  History repeats itself.  You are shitting in your own nest.  

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