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Strange 'Activity' in the Friend Feed

Strange 'Activity' in the Friend Feed

Since recent Spotify updates my friend feed activity is not changing in real time.  I will view a friend's activity and it states '17 mins' ago for a certain track.   I will log in a couple of hours later where a different track shows  with the activity showing '3hours' ago!   Why is this not properly updating and  in real time??  I have contacted Spotify twice and they haven't helped.  Anyone else have the same problem?

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Hi @Moonpoppet,


the fried feed is actually indeed not updating in real time and a delay of ~15-20minutes before it refreshes is actually expected and intended.


Maintaining this in real time would be too resource-heavy and we've also received feedback that many users do not wish for their exact actions to be displayed right away, which is something we take under consideration when it comes to privacy and feeling safe on Spotify. As such, we don't plan to change this.


Hope we were able to clear things up. Take care!

Mihail Moderator
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If you connect Spotify to Discord, it is updating in real time. Shouldn't the API be the same for Discord and Spotify itself? But I think that's not the issue. I maybe have the same problem with the new version (since the UI got changed). The friend activity of the old version is refreshing in real time if 15+ minutes have passed since the friend stopped listening. With the new version, the sidebar-UI stopped refreshing. It shows the same value until you disable and re-enable the sidebar or restart the application. Even if the friend starts listening again, it does not refresh.

Hi there @Sanchopanda,


Thank you for your reply.


As @Mihail mentioned - friend Activity might not update in real time. If you notice it hasn’t updated for a while: 

  • Check the app is up-to-date
  • Check your device’s operating system is up-to-date
  • Restart the app
  • Log out of Spotify, then log back in
  • Perform a clean reinstall of the app

Let us know if we can help you with anything else 🙂

Take care!

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I have actually found that the friend activity may go days without updating.  Then, it might be fine for 1 day or 2.  More often than not, it does not update anymore.  And, yes, I have performed all of the suggesting repairs without any change in performance.

Hey @zperegrino


Thanks for posting here on the Community. 


If the steps suggested so far couldn't help it's a good idea to check if this is happening only when connected to a certain Internet connection. 


If possible, we'd suggest connecting to a different network. If it works with another connection, it’d be a good idea troubleshooting further the original one (for example, by restarting your router).


You can also reach out to the service provider of the original network so that they can take a look on their end as well.


Looking forward to your reply. Enjoy your day!  

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