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All filled up

Why the limit to my music. I am unable to save any more music. I havnt got that much.

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Would you maybe refering to YOUR MUSIC? Currently there is a limit to how much content can be saved here in the Spotify apps of 10,000 items, with each album saved plus the track counts count against that limit, i.e. the album + 11 tracks would be 12 items saved to YOUR MUSIC for an example. 


If you wish to saved more content in YOUR MUSIC, you might consider moving some content from YOUR MUSIC into personally created playlists, and then removed the content from YOUR MUSIC that is saved into playlists, so as to make room for more content to be saved in YOUR MUSIC.

Thanks for the clarification.

Is there any indication that Spotify is working to increase this limit on a future update?

I've only saved my old CD and vinyl collection to MY MUSIC - with some albums left to go. It seems silly that I can have a smaller collection in one place on Spotify when compared to my physical collection.

I do understand moving to playlists - something I do for the latest music I am listening to and new releases - but I do like my main collection in one place.

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