Android song bug for specific song

Android song bug for specific song

The song "If you didn't know" by Zero does not show up in searches on android for sure, IOS is unconfirmed. I have it in my release radar currently and tried to save it but realized it does not save with the plus sign. When I tried to open the menu it causes spotify to crash on my phone. None of my friends or myself can find the song by searching for it.

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Hey @rockaflacka47, welcome to the Community!


Can you send over the link to the track this is happening with? We'll also need to know what country you're currently in.


We'll see what we can suggest once you send that info over.

I just went to get the link and the song has actually been removed from my release radar so I know longer know how to access the song? Assuming it might've been pulled from spotify but I am in the United States.

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