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Artist and Albums missing

Artist and Albums missing



I need help I am having some odd issues.


Today a logged in and things were diffrent. Perhaps an update? However, None of my music shows in the Artists and Albums tabs but my music is still all in my songs tab. My play lists are still fine but I can't access my friends play lists. 


I also have Spotify Premium but still get Ads.


It also seem like there should be more tab options on the left tool bar. I took a screen shot.


I tried clearing Cookies/Catch and using a diffrent web broswer and computer, this did not change anything.


If anyone can help it would be much appresiated!


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Also odd,


I Just downloaded the desktop app and everything is correct in the app including all of my music in the Albums and Artists tabs.

It seems as though your Online Web version of Spotify hasn't been updated, first of all, try Restoring Purchases, this will tell your Spotify Account that you are a premium, and if the Albums aren't showing up, try logging in and out of your account. If none of these methods have worked, try deleting your browser and redownloading it, when you get onto the newly-downloaded browser, go to Spotify, log in and click restore purchases. See if everything is working. If not, you could contact Spotify's Support since they probably know more than I do.

Logging in and out of your Apple ID/Google Play Account also helps (on your computer)





Can you post back this basic information:

What browser and version is being run?

What OS and version is being used on your computer system?


Looks as if you have now the new Web Player design, there is a new rebuild going on with the new Web Player from the ground up and so it only has some basic functions.


If you have been using the older Web Player, you might try using an incognito window if possible and try again, first log out of the new Web Player and then open an incognito window and sign back into the new Web player, any difference? I just checked on the new Web Player with my Spotify account, and I can for sure see Albums and Artists I have saved.


As far as your friends playlists, did you happen to put those playlists into a Playlist Folder? And you are able to confirm you are following those playlists as well? Again maybe an incognito window might help here?


Also what kind of Spotify account do you have, one created with just an email address or one created using a Facebook profile? I did not seem to have a problem with the premium account I have signing into the New Web Player, no ads showing up.


You do not have to post this publicly, you can PM it, but as the new Web Player has been rolled out everywhere recently, what listening region are you in? This information might help in case there was any issues with the rollout of the new Web Player. In a case of escalating this post for assistance with the Spotify mods.

Thank you for your reply!


I have tried with both IE 11 and Chrome (Chrome auto updates the version so I should be good)


I Have tried with a Windows 10 computer and my Mac at home which I got new in 2015


I am not the most tech-savvy person (I try), what is an incognito window? I can't access my friend's playlists or tabs to see my followers or who I am following. I am in the L.A. area.

Thank you for your reply!


How do you restore purchases? Will I lose anything by doing so?





Since you posted you have Google Chrome, here this Chrome Help post which will get you going for using incognito Window browsing:


Also I am not sure what the other poster is posting about with restoring purchases? Users can easily see from the Spotify account page if they are still premium or have reverted to a free ad supported account from this link:

I don't know what I was thinking about that one either! Sorry, I have limited knowledge when it comes to these things 😛



No problem.

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