Artist search showing profile used to gain access to Spotify for Artists. How to fix?

Artist search showing profile used to gain access to Spotify for Artists. How to fix?

I have a new artist page, but in order to claim it via Spotify for Artists, I was required to create a Spotify account. That account has the same user name as the artist. Now when anyone searches for the artist, the profile comes up which is pointless and confusing for everyone involved.


Since it's not in my best interest, Spotify's, or that of anyone searching, I need to find a way to get the profile to stop popping up when someone searches for the artist. 


Info I've dug so far indicates no way to change profile username or ability to stop it from showing up in search. Since I see no way to change the profile name or block it from search results, only thing I can think of is to delete the account entirely.


That's a non-starter, though, since it's the account controlling my Spotify for Artists control of the related artist page.  If anything were to go wrong in the process of deleting that account, creating another with another name, and then trying to RE-claim the artist via the new account, I'd be completely **bleep** while right in the middle of launch campaign.


What should I do here?

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Hey @JoesephSchmoe,


Thank you for reaching out about this in the Community and welcome.


To make sure your Artist profile will be linked to a Spotify account with a different display name than the Artist's, you can do what follows: 

  1. Create a new Spotify account so that the related display name (what you type in the What should we call you? box) is different than your Spotify Artist profile name.
  2. Get in touch with the Spotify for Artists support by clicking here so that they can help you associate your Artist profile with the new Spotify account.

This should be the safest as well as the most effective option 🙂


Hope you'll find this useful. We'll be here if we can help with anything else!

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