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Do artists get paid less when free user listens?

Do artists get paid less when free user listens?

I'm a free user and wanted to know if my plays are worth less to artists than a premium user? If so, then its another plus for subscribing. 

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Hey @darkheart1723! Welcome to the community ^^


Take a look at this. This is a very detailed article about the royalties for the artists. 


I hope it helped you. ^^


Hey there.


Payment rate is good, it is paid from ads revenue. usually premium rate is higher.


If you listen local files, these will not get paid.


I hope this helps.

From the artist side, it's not as straightforward as it is portrayed by the platform. Independent artists without labels may have their music on Spotify, but will probably not be paid unless they use a service that can manage their royalties for them. It took many months before we saw any royalties on our first EP, for instance. With a new one coming out Friday, this is a concern when (at this point) we can't even manage our own artist page on Spotify without 250 followers. Many people don't want to follow all the artists they listen to (that's a lot of following!).


The good news is that even if an artist is indie, if they register with ASCAP or BMI, or use CD Baby or some other distribution service and sign up to the royalty collection service, eventually the royalties from Spotify and other platforms are paid. We are paid a penny or two every time someone streams one of our songs--and we're paid about three months later. 


We'll probably break even as a band when we are in our 60s... 😉

Annie Oakley

That's good to hear man and I think the payrate depends also on if its a subscriber or not because Spotify creates two different revenue pools, one for free and one for premium, and pay artists a percet of each pool  depending on where each of their plays came from.

Yes. Absolutely. Right now the difference is about .0015 per stream from free users and .005 from premium users

Hi, I'm doing some research on this for my dissertation at university, and was wondering where you got these figures from? It's very interesting

This is what I have concluded from personal experience involving test groups of people using free and premium accounts with a sample size of about 100 each

I am about to get spotify for my wife, and myslef, that would be 2 accounts, so 20 if I get 2 premium membership and 15 if I get the premium family.
As an artist myslef, I listen to a lot of indi music, an I was wondering if artists get paid less from premium family membership, because it is much cheaper that an normal premium, or are they getting the same amount of money as long as it is a premium account, family or not. 
I don't minf paying a llittle extra fiver a month so artists I listen too get a decent share of the stream, but if it's the same then I'll just get a family membership. 
Thank you for your replies ! 

What do you mean under "Local files"? 

What do you mean under "Local Files" ? 

Artists get paid less in general. The only ones eating off a check are Drake, Khaled, Kendrick, etc... ahahaha to keep it real

-The best thing to do to support an artist is to just buy their album.

I was wondering if anyone had figured out if artists get paid less when it is a family subscription? Thank you. 

I have exactly the same question. 

Wait actually? That's insane, I find this so interesting!

You got that right! Support independent artists by buying their merchandise. Streaming is cool but it’s not paying the bills.

Local files are files stored on your device

Did u get an answer for this?

Did u get the answer for this?

Did u get an answer for this?

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