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BEIRUT Presale Code

BEIRUT Presale Code

Just wondering if anyone received a code and wouldnt mind sharing?

I have Beirut in my top three rotation and the concert just got announced this week, any help appreciated.

Presale starts in 15 minutes

Thanks community

14 Replies

Same here 😕 Looking for a Vancouver Beirut presale code

I didnt receive a code but I guessed Gallipoli for the Chicago show and it worked


Gallipoli didn't work me 😞

It worked! Thanks

Ugh. Didn’t get an email/presale code and GALLIPOLI didn’t work for me either.

What did you use that worked?

And was it for the Vancouver date?

I also am having trouble purchasing presale tickets for the Vancouver show. I've tried GALLIPOLI, CHORD and COLLECTIVE (based on what I've read from other people) but none of them have worked. 

My friend received the code from Spotify - GALLIPOLI but it didn't work for neither of us 😕

I received the code (GALLIPOLI) but it's not working for the Vancouver show. 😞 I've tried uppercase, capitalized, and lowercase.

GALLIPOLLI just started working for me now - for Vancouver 🙂

I SAW! So relieved, all the good seats were going fast! It looks like both GALLIPOLLI and GALLIPOLI are working. 

Yes! It worked. Thank you


It just worked for me - Vancouver at the Orpheum

Try again, it just worked for me. (Vancouver, Orpheum)

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