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JIMIN by BTS just released a new song track promise. When is this coming to spotify? His track was streamed in soundcl*ud 15M times in just 3 days. Surely, spotify can easily add this to their song list. 

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obviously I’m not a Spotify employee so I can’t really give out a suitable solution or response.

however, please do remember that Spotify deal with huge amounts of pressure everyday so I’m sure this song won’t be missing for the long term

hope this helps



Hi there,


I have been wondering this as well. I don't have the exact answer in my hand at the moment (I am not a Spotify employee either) but I'm guessing it has to do with copyright issues and earning permission from the artist himself and their company.


I am pretty sure Spotify discusses whether or not they can upload a song on their own system. But this process is probably time consuming and cumbersome since there are copyright issues and such. This is the case with a few other artists. I don't have a lot of examples in my head but one is "Fortune Cookie" by Jonghyun of SHINee. This song was a bonus and exempt track from his debut solo album BASE and it hasn't been put on Spotify to this date (the album was released in 2015). 


RM's RM mixtape isn't on Spotify either, so I think they are both ongoing processes with both Spotify and BigHit itself. 


Hope this helps!

Hola saludos desde Argentina no soy empleado ni mucho menos les dejo una lista de Grandes Éxitos de BTS es la banda favorita de mi hija y me gustó mucho espero ser de ayuda.

.@spotify @SpotifyCares @spotifycharts Jimin’s new song Like Crazy has been split in two versions in your global chart when both’s streams were combined the first day of the release, pls fix this bc it’s affecting the artist records and numbers

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