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Bengali Playlist

Bengali Playlist

I think there is a large metal/rock platform in Bangladesh and the music does actually have really good quality, but unfortunately there are no quality official playlists made by Spotify themselves with bands like Aurthohin, Artcell, Arbovirus, Cryptic Fate, Avoid Rafa, Shironamhin etc. So all the people from Bangladesh would actually like to see such a playlist being made by Spotify and develop the field.
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The great thing about Spotify, Spotify users can take the lead and create playlists that are more focused on a local area music scene, and highlight content playlists around those bands that might currently be lacking with an official Spotify curated playlist. 


If you decide to create a playlist like this, be sure to share it in the Playlist Exchange area of the community: two or three tracks from each band that really capture metal/rock music from Bangladesh is a great way to start with something like this.

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