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Block content without vocals

Block content without vocals

Everytime a song comes on without lyrics I always ask for it to not play similar tracks. It doesn't do much help in fact I think it can do the opposite. Sometimes I hear instrumentals and think I'd love to hear a vocalist contribute but I can't get into the song otherwise. I don't want it to filter those songs but I want it to stop playing instrumental only tracks. I feel like that shouldn't be too difficult could it? 

2 Replies

Hi @Jmvences511,


I can relate to this problem when I find myself listening to tracks on a playlist radio that are unlike the tracks I like listening to. Unfortunately Spotify are yet to roll out a feature that could block out instrumental only tracks. If the genre you particularly like has mainly instrumentals (common only-instrumental genres are lo-fi, classical and electronic music), then you could try and find relevant playlists that contain tracks with vocals. If it was me, I'd continue my listening habits and simply skip the track I do not like. 

Best wishes,



I also want instrumental only filter


hope this happens one day


some previous requests have not gathered enough steam yet, but I would certainly appreciate it


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